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6 Jan 2021
Because of Yamato delivery company operation schedule, delivery and pick up service will stop on Sunday and following holidays.
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14 May 2020
Important notice from Yamato Logistics (Updated on 14 May, 2020) Thank you for your continuous support to Yamato’s TA-Q-BIN service. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, volume of shipments handled by Yamato keeps on increasing. Deliveries may be subject to delays for 2 to 3 working days or more depending on the situation. It is also difficult to arrange deliveries according to customers’ preferred time zones. Drivers will provide pre-calls or SMS, etc. before deliveries to confirm arrival times. However, depending on delivery and operation situation, there might be circumstances that consignees were not being notified about the delays. We regret about the inconveniences caused. We will try the best to resume our normal delivery service. Thank you for your kind understanding.

1 Dec 2016
Start super sale of Uonuma Koshihikari Rice

20 Feb 2014
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3 September 2012
Ming Pao News introduced Kubota Rice

5 August 2012
Start sale of Brown Rice

16 July 2012
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Uonuma Koshihikari Rice 5Kg

Uonuma Koshihikari Rice 5Kg

For those who want to eat delicious rice everyday, this 5kg package is ideal.

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Uonuma Koshikikari! New Rice has arrived!

Niigata Prefecture is famous for its best quality rice in Japan.

Among all the neighborhoods in Niigata Prefecture, Uonuma is believed to harvest the most delicious rice.

Koshihikari Uonuma, famous for being the top class both in quality and price, is very precious because the harvest amount of Uonuma Kashihikari accounts for only 1% of the total amount of rice cultivated in Japan.

The Uonuma Region, located in the south of Niigata Prefecture, is surrounded by mountains and is one of the most heavily snowing regions in Japan.

The environment gets severe during the winter.
Yet, once the springtime comes, pure snow, clear with little biogenic contamination such as phosphate and rich in dissolved oxygen, becomes affluent streams that provide paddies with stable water resources.

The terraced banks of the Uono River, the Aburuma River and the Shinano River and soils in the region’s alluvial fan contain less nitrogen, which increases protein; therefore, rice harvested there contains less protein and is shiny and fluffy when cooked.

Such an ideal environment and farmers' conviction to produce the best rice in Japan make the region the best rice producer for decades.

Japan Grain Inspection Association has ranked Uonuma Koshihikari “Special A (the top rank)” for its savor for 19 consecutive years. Very remarkable.


*Date of Polishing
We would like our customers to enjoy the savor of freshly polished rice; therefore, all our products are normally delivered to you within 2 weeks from the date of polishing.

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The design of the bag may be changed without notice.


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