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3 Jan 2019
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1 Dec 2016
Start super sale of Uonuma Koshihikari Rice

4July 2016
Start super sale of Nagano Koshihikari Rice

20 Feb 2014
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3 September 2012
Ming Pao News introduced Kubota Rice

5 August 2012
Start sale of Brown Rice

16 July 2012
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Fukui Koshihikari Rice 5Kg

Fukui Koshihikari Rice 5Kg

Great taste of Kohishikari rice from Koshihikari birth place, Fukui

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Fukui Koshihikari is on sale now!

Sticky and taste good cold too.

This is the "Koshihikari" from Fukui Prefecture. The Hokuriku region(Niigata, Toyama, Fukui, Ishikawa) is a well-known Kome-dokoro (very famous area for rice production), Fukui is the very birthplace of worldwide-famous “Koshihikari”, making especially good-quality rice. However, It’s distribution mostly flows in the Kansai market, might not be much seen in the Kanto region.

In Niigata West Hokuriku, only fukui has got 4 consecutive year the top rated special rank A, can be purchased relatively economical price despite koshihikari’s great taste and quality.


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