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8 Mar 2022
Thank you for purchasing at PRIME MARKET. Service Adjustments during the Recent COVID-19 Situation Due to the severity of the recent pandemic situation, we make every effort to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and customers by comprehensive epidemic prevention and control measures. With immediate effect, delivery time will be extended from 1 working day to 1-3 working days or more. Specified delivery time zone and delivery date are not guaranteed until further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding.

18 Jan 2022
Because of Yamato delivery company operation schedule, delivery and pick up service will stop on Sunday and following holidays.
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18 Jan 2022
(Updated on 17 Jan, 2022) In light of the recent outbreak of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, to prevent further spread in the community, door-to-door pick-up from and delivery to all quarantine centres, all hospitals and clinics, and all “buildings visited by cases tested positive in the past 14 days” have been suspended. Drivers will contact customers by pre-call to arrange receipt and signing of shipment on the ground floor outside the building, or arrange change of delivery address. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. In addition, due to the severity of the pandemic, volume of shipments is increasing. Please note that deliveries may be subject to delays for 2 to 3 working days and it may also be difficult to arrange deliveries according to customers’ preferred time zones. Depending on delivery and operation situation, there may be circumstances that consignees could not be notified about the delays. Thank you for your kind understanding.

1 Dec 2016
Start super sale of Uonuma Koshihikari Rice

20 Feb 2014
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3 September 2012
Ming Pao News introduced Kubota Rice

5 August 2012
Start sale of Brown Rice

16 July 2012
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POINT4 Niigata Rice NO.1 Brand in Japan!

Reasons to choose Niigata Rice

Among hundreds of Japanese rice, the most popular one goes to Koshihikari, accounting for 1/3 of the national produce in Japan.

Although Koshihikari is planted across Japan, produce from different areas have a subtle difference in taste and texture due to their geographical differences.

The most famous one is Koshihikari produced in Niigata.

Niigata faces the Sea of Japan, a region with diverse environment due to plenty of snow.

Geographically, this coastal prefecture rises above the plain similar in size as Tokyo and is irrigated by the water rich in minerals from the Shinano River, the longest river in Japan, which combined to produce the tasty Niigata rice.


The climate in Niigata is ideal for the growth of rice, with a lot of sunny days in summer, long day light and a big difference in temperature in day time and night time, which is perfect for the growth of rice.


No.1 Brand in Japan Koshihikari produced in Uonuma

Koshihikari produced in Uonuma region within Niigata prefecture is the best Japanese rice among the best, accounting for only 1% of the national produce.

Uonuma is located in the south of Niigata, surrounded by mountains with moist soil irrigated by natural rivers. Uonuma is among regions with the most snow in Japan.


In spring, when the snow from winter melts, the fields enjoy plenty of water from the melting snow containing high oxygen and low pollution.

The taste of Koshihikari produced in the rich fields of Uonuma is unforgettable.

Uonuma region is an alluvial plain created by the Uonuma River, Aburuma River and Shinano River. It is low in nitrogen and suitable for growing rice of high taste grade and glow.


Uonuma is a basin with a big difference in temperature in day time and night time. As the rice must store large quantity of starch to resist the severe climate, it is round and plump.

With all these favourable conditions, there is no question for the “best rice production region in Japan” of Uonuma.